"The Mindset of Champions" Blog Part 2 - What we learnt from our evening with Sir Jackie Stewart OBE and Damon Hill OBE

July 28, 2021

"The Mindset of Champions" Part 2 - Understand how to deal with Disappointment and changing your Approach

Back in February 2021, I was fortunate enough to sit down with two Formula One World Champions, Sir Jackie Stewart OBE and Damon Hill OBE, to help raise money for their respective charities, Race Against Dementia and halow project.

As we reflect on what was a fantastic British Grand Prix weekend, we now look back at part 2 of my conversation with the two World Champions and also show you the fantastic new artwork created at last weekend's race by our friends at Scribble Inc.

To find out more about their fantastic charities or donate, which we raised £7,500 for that evening, please visit www.raceagainstdementia.com or www.halowproject.org.uk

In this week's blog we look at how to deal with disappointment, as Sir Jackie and Damon reflected on the harder side of being a sports person. Quite appropriately with the Olympics just starting in Japan, Sir Jackie talks about his disappointment when he missed out on competing in the 1960 games, which were held in Rome and what that then led to. I hope you enjoy...

Following on from last week's British Grand Prix, Scribble have put together this fantastic visual which includes both Sir Jackie Stewart and Damon Hill

Understand how to deal with Disappointment and changing your Approach

During our conversation, Damon reflected on his battle with Michael Schumacher both on and off track and how he went about changing his approach.

“I was getting a real beating from Michael” said Damon, “I did win some races but I also had a very bad season and Michael made me look ridiculous in 1995, so it had kind of got me down so I got some advice. As Jackie keeps reminding us, you choose good advice from the best people and I got a woman who gave advice to politicians. She came and saw me in Ireland and said here are some golden rules you do and you don’t do when you are presenting yourself in the media. One of them was to always up the positive.”

Damon continues “I was thinking of this when you mentioned it, as a lot of motorsport is immensely disappointing and it’s how you deal with these down times that define you, you have to keep going through these down times as there is a sunny up lands somewhere! I was very lucky I got to those sunny uplands but there were so many times when it was so awful. There was one race where in Japan 95, I span off and we’d been thoroughly beaten by Michael. I got back to the changing room and Frank Williams and Patrick Head (Damon’s bosses at Williams F1) were there who were disgusted with what had happened and I remember getting changed and thinking it was so awful, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!” Damon laughs “That moment where you’ve got a choice, you can say this is so awful it’s funny and you have to pick yourself up and it becomes an attitude of how you can turn it into a positive!”

“Disappointment can lead to other things” Sir Jackie reflects “My biggest disappointment wasn’t in racing cars, it was my shooting. I was leading to go to the Rome Olympics (to compete in Shooting Trap) and I screwed up personally, completely screwed up! Just on one round of 25 targets, I missed 7! I didn’t miss 7 in the previous 700 or whatever it was!”

Sir Jackie continues “I thought ‘what a disaster’ – it was my birthday also and I had to drive home. It was a two-man team to go to the Olympics and it was my best year of shooting. I won more big events that year but I didn’t win that one to decide on who was going…”

“I got home and I was so fed up with the whole thing. It was then I took up Motor Racing!”

In Summary

Both Sir Jackie and Damon’s stories showed a real human side to both of them and you appreciate how hard they have worked for their World Championships and other successes in life. The trick is though they both evaluated what was wrong and made informed changes to improve their performance and outcomes. They also understood that a lot of competing in any sport is not going to be continuous glory so you had to take your opportunities when you can!

Team Ignition, along with DTM driver Esmee Hawkey and our partners Childsey and Covertree, recently took part in the Damon Hill Karting Challenge raising money for halow project

We hope you have enjoyed part 2 of our look back on our fantastic evening with Sir Jackie Stewart and Damon Hill and I would like to thank them both for their time and input with the event. Make sure you come back next week to IgnitionPerformance.com - as we'll be look at their next key lessons in part 3!

About Race Against Dementia

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Race Against Dementia is driven to raise money to fund breakthrough and innovative dementia research.

About The halow project

The halow project is a growing community-based charity, situated in Guildford, Surrey. We support young people, aged 16+, with a learning disability on their journey into adult life.

The young people we work with want the opportunity to:

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Sir Jackie and Damon were talking to Ignition Human Performance founder Nick Butcher

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Nick Butcher

Managing Director of Ignition Human Performance
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Nick Butcher

Managing Director of Ignition Human Performance
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