Pioneering Sustainability in Motorsport Questionnaire Launched to the Industry

October 27, 2021

Ignition Human Performance (IHP) and Niesslein Sustainability Partners (NSP), are pleased to announce they have teamed up to launch a pioneering questionnaire looking at the current state of Sustainability in Motorsport and its associated industries.

The questionnaire, along with virtual Focus Groups and 1-2-1 sessions will look at sustainability in the following areas:

• Organisational Strategy

• Sustainability Goals

• Business Operations

• Employee Engagement

• People Management

• Organisational Leadership

Once completed this will look to bring the first assessment of the culture towards sustainability in motorsport organisations and its associated industries and will inform research and a master thesis at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership - Cambridge University, supporting leading sustainability thinking in motorsport and a first of its kind “voice of the industry” whitepaper - looking at how the motorsport industry is tackling climate change, to be released in 2022.

Ignition Brand Champion Esmee Hawkey racing at Zolder earlier this season (photo: DTM)

The aim of the report will be:

• To identify the current sentiment towards the broad sustainability definition (Environment, Social and Financial sustainability within the motorsport industry.)

• To identify the critical success measures in people performance towards this sustainability definition.  

• To assess the readiness of the motorsport industry to undertake the necessary actions to be part of the Net Zero economy.

Supporting Race Against Dementia

We are pleased to confirm that this research project will support Race Against Dementia (RAD). Air pollution was added to the list of 12 mitigating factors for dementia last year (Lancet Commission, 2020) and with this collaboration we wish to immediately and positively impact an important social cause with financial support and continued awareness.

Today, 50 million people around the world have dementia. Unless a cure is found, one in three people born today will get dementia in their lifetime. A new person develops dementia every three seconds. This crisis cannot continue.

The charity was set up in 2016 by 3-time Formula 1 World Champion Sir Jackie Stewart OBE, following the diagnosis of his wife Lady Stewart with the disease. RAD raises and allocates funds to research. By recruiting the best early career research talent, funding innovative science and injecting learning from best practice in F1 and other high-tech organisations, RAD aims to catalyse a change in dementia research to accelerate finding a cure or prevention for dementia

Each participant to either the questionnaire, focus groups or 1-2-1 interviews will be asked to consider an optional small donation to the charity.

The questionnaire will support Sir Jackie Stewart OBE's charity "Race Against Dementia" (photo: RAD)

“The advent of series such as Formula E and Extreme E over the past few years, not to mention F1’s commitment to be Carbon Neutral by 2030, has brought the sustainability agenda to the forefront of people’s minds within Motorsport and rightly so, we all have a responsibility as individuals to do something!...

This Questionnaire and the subsequent whitepaper report, will give a fascinating insight into where we are as a collective ‘Motorsport industry’ and where we can look to improve to meet these targets. I will be particularly interested areas of Organisational Leadership when it comes to sustainability.”

- Nick Butcher - Founder Ignition Human Performance

NSP Founder Tristian Niesslein was a guest alongside DTM driver Esmee Hawkey and MHFA Instructor Melissa Gale at our event in October on Sustainability and Well-Being. Click the above video to watch the full chat.

“It is our pleasure at Niesslein Sustainability Partners, to work with Ignition Human Performance on this first of its kind, delve into the Culture of Sustainability that exists in the motorsport industry.

IHP’s knowledge in leadership, people and teamwork will be invaluable in assessing how the most important assets to any organisation (its people) and how the motorsport industry is engaging its people, to the largest challenge in generations: Climate Change.

The data collected will inform an industry-wide ‘Culture of Sustainability’ whitepaper, which will be released to the industry, with results, analysis and recommendations for exceptional practice.”

- Tristian Niesslein - Founder Niesslein Sustainability Partners

How to take part

To complete in this first of its kind questionnaire on this hugely important topic for the future of our industry please click here. All questionnaires will be 100% anonymous, with no identifying characteristics shared of teams, personnel or partners, other than at series participation or seniority of role level.

The questionnaire will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Value Add

Should you want a bespoke report for your organisation, you can simply insert your email address and organisation’s name.  

A report on your organisation’s readiness and sentiment for the sustainability topic will be supplied to you privately.  

This is especially useful if you are planning a change project that involves sustainability or have undertaken a project and want to see how it has landed. This report will be sent to you only, as the sponsor of this initiative for your organisation.  

To complete the questionnaire please click here

We are excited to see the results and provide a landmark report for the industry, on this critical topic for all industries, placing motorsport at the forefront of the change.

Nick Butcher

Nick has been an HR & Leadership Professional for nearly 15 years and has held senior HR positions within both Corporate Multinational and SME Companies.
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Nick Butcher

Nick has been an HR & Leadership Professional for nearly 15 years and has held senior HR positions within both Corporate Multinational and SME Companies.
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