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Employee Engagement

Working with us to produce an Engagement Strategy and Review can keep you ahead of your competition and help you attract new talent.

By working with us, we will:

- Analyse the need to be connected and engaged with your employees.

- Conduct an Employee Engagement Survey.

- Review Survey and consult with the Business.

- Develop findings and recommendations.

- Agree and implement the survey findings.

- Measure and evaluate the improvement in productivity and communication.

By focusing on your Employee Engagement Strategy, benefits will include:

- Employees feel listened to, valued and cared for.

- The business better understands its employees needs better.

- Lower staff turnover.

- Will improve profitability and productivity.

- Enabling a work environment that is positive for its employees.

Cost and Project Timetable:

The cost for this service is based on a day rate per consultant and in our experience should take approximately 7 to 10 working days to complete, dependent on the size of the business and location (Number of days and consultants required is agreed before the work begins).

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