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Performance & Mindset
Understanding Disability

Talia Lazarus

Talia is Sports Presenter and Host of I Got Back Up a podcast that connects with people who have faced life-changing events, traumas, and recoveries, having spoken to a number of athletes including former and current racing drivers on the show.

In 2021, Talia was in a road accident that left her unable to walk. Two knee surgeries later and re-learning how to walk in her mid-twenties, her life completely changed direction. Talia learnt that it’s not what happened to you, but it’s what you decide to do next.

We can be confronted with unexpected challenges and moments that defeat us. It’s during these dark times we question everything and lose ourselves. But the human spirit possesses an immense strength that allows us to rise above the darkest moments and find the courage to rebuild our lives in extraordinary ways.

Running the London Landmarks Half Marathon a year after her second knee surgery, Talia reinforces the belief that anything is possible and that our minds are incredibly powerful.