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Ruben Stanislaus

Ruben Stanislaus is a young British born racing driver of Grenadian heritage and is currently driving a Praga R1 in the Zeo Prototype Series. He is the star of the award winning documentary Born To Race, which aired on BBC One in 2022 and is currently being shown all over the world on the BBC IPlayer. After a successful career coming up the ranks in karting, Ruben has successfully made the leap straight into cars, regularly finishing on the podium and winning a number of races that he has participated in.

With the current push for motorsport to be more inclusive in terms of racial diversity, Ruben speaks of his own experiences coming through the sport and how he is looking to achieve in own racing goals, as well as, making a change both on and off track. Whilst filming the Born to Race documentary, Ruben was given exclusive access to the Mercedes AMG F1 team and interviewed 7x Formula One World Champion Sir Lewis Hamilton, also of Grenadian descent, where they discussed a wide range of subjects about both his and Ruben's career. Alongside this Ruben has also made a number of TV appearances including live on BBC Breakfast as well as on BBC London, he has also appeared on Radio 5 Live and local radio.

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