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Mark Arnall

Mark Arnall is a world-renowned fitness expert with a career in F1 that has spanned 26 years. In that time, he has worked as performance coach for Mika Häkkinen (5 years), David Coulthard, Kimi Räikkönen (20 years) and most recently in 2022 Sebastian Vettel. During his career Mark has also worked with legendary F1 teams McLaren, Ferrari, Lotus, Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin.

Creating tailor-made training, recovery, nutrition, and travel management programs, Mark ensures drivers are in optimum condition at every race. This is no easy task when the F1 calendar requires 240 travel days per year across all time zones! Yet the results speak for themselves; to date Mark has won three World Championships and 215 podiums with his drivers.

Mark has also worked with athletes in the British Athletics team, British Fencing team, members of the England Rugby team as well as renowned artists and top executives seeking health and fitness advice. He is also the co-founder of Travel FIT.

Category: Performance