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Marc "Elvis" Priestley

Marc "Elvis" Priestley worked as a member of the Formula One pitstop crew & in team management at one of the sport's most successful organisations, McLaren Racing, for almost a decade.

Having been an integral part of the team that stood in the pitlane - with cars approach at motorway speeds, he & his team came together in perfect synchronicity to change tyres in little more than 2 sec - there aren't many people more perfectly placed, or better educated in the field, to impart how these processes and lessons can positively impact a business or project.

He has also worked with an impressive list of drivers & World Champions including Mika Hakkinen, Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen & Lewis Hamilton.

Since leaving McLaren, Marc now shares his experiences & knowledge through talks, consultations & workshops with businesses across the world & is the host of the renowned "Pitlane Life Lessons" Podcast. He has also gone on to have a successful career in television, having worked as an analyst on, amongst others, the Sky Sports F1 coverage and now co-hosts the Discovery Channel's "Wheeler Dealers" alongside Mike Brewer. In 2017 he wrote and released "The Mechanic", a book that looked into the secret world of the Formula One Pit lane.

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