Focus Areas:
Communication & Media
Understanding Disability
Diversity, Inclusion & Equality

Jennie Gow

Jennie Gow is a distinguished journalist, broadcaster, and event host who made her mark in the world of Formula One in 2010, quickly ascending to prominence as one of the sport’s leading media figures. As one of the few women thriving in this demanding field, Jennie currently captivates audiences with her presenting and reporting on Formula One for both the BBC and as an F1 expert on the beloved Drive to Survive Netflix series. In addition, she holds the role of co-lead commentator on Extreme E, making her mark in commentary since 2020. With a talent for hosting, Jennie has collaborated with esteemed global brands such as Amazon, F1, Vodafone, and Hilton, delivering flawless presentations.

In late 2022, Jennie faced a significant setback when she suffered a debilitating stroke, necessitating her to relearn essential skills like reading, writing, and speaking. Despite the immense challenge, Jennie's unwavering determination propelled her back to her professional endeavours, where she aims to inspire others navigating similar hurdles.

Beyond her remarkable recovery, Jennie is fervent about sharing her experiences in a predominantly male-dominated environment, advocating for progress in areas of equality, diversity, and inclusion. While acknowledging the strides made in recent years, she remains committed to driving further change in the pursuit of a more equitable and inclusive landscape.