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Paddy Lowe

Paddy Lowe is one of the most successful engineers and technical directors in Formula 1 history having amassed no few than 158 Grand Prix wins and 12 World Championship titles during a stellar career with the Williams, McLaren and Mercedes teams.

During his award winning career he has worked with many of the sport’s leading stars including Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna, Mika Hakkinen and Fernando Alonso.  As Technical Director of Mercedes he oversaw 53 Grand Prix victories for seven times World Champion Lewis Hamilton, also working with 2016 World Champion Nico Rosberg.

After returning to Williams as Chief Technical Officer in 2017, Paddy developed a strong interest in helping the sport deliver its environmental sustainability targets. This led him to establish Zero Petroleum in 2020, five years before Formula 1 plans to abandon fossil fuels.

In 2021 his work with the Royal Air Force on Project Martin led to the world’s first flight powered entirely by synthetic fuel. This was produced by extracting hydrogen from water and carbon from atmospheric carbon dioxide.

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