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Timo Glock

Timo Glock, is renowned for his meticulous performances on the F1 circuits, touring car racing and his unmatched expertise as a TV broadcast expert within the formula 1 racing world.

Hailing from Germany, Timo Glock's ascent in the motorsport realm was nothing shortof meteoric. Cutting his teeth in various Formula racing junior leagues, he clinched theChamp Car "Rookie of the Year" accolade in his debut U.S. year. Progressing with fervor, he claimed the GP2 championship's crown and ultimately etched his name in the elite annals of Formula 1.

He showcased his prowess, racing against the best, leaving an indelible mark during his tenure with teams such as Toyota and Marussia Virgin Racing. In his 91 Formula 1 starts, he achieved several podium finishes. But beyond the glitz of F1, his decade-long commitment as a works driver for BMW in the DTM speaks volumes. Over 146 races, Glock showcased grit and skill, clinching 5 wins and securing 15 podium finishes. These accolades don't just reflect his racing acumen but also highlight his role as a sterling ambassador for BMW, eloquently presenting their brand values to vast audiences, whether it's on the track or on the stage.

Transitioning seamlessly from the cockpit to the studio, Timo Glock offers expert analysis for Sky Germany's PAY-TV, broadcasting detailed insights into the world of F1 to a vast audience. Prior to this, from 2017-2020, Glock worked for RTL, dissecting and discussing races, strategies, and all things F1.

His profound understanding and articulate delivery have not only cemented his reputation as one of the well know German motorsport experts in Formula 1. Being bilingual, he is able to seamlessly convey complex details and insights into the challenging world of motorsport in both German and English. This rare combination allows him to bridge the gap to an international audience.

Beyond the broadcast studio, Timo's expertise is valued throughout the motorsports community. His opinions, interviews and insights carry weight and are highly recognised. It's not just the depth of his knowledge that sets him apart; it's the unique perspective he offers - a harmonious blend of a racer's adrenaline and an analyst's meticulous precision, which he conveys fluently in both languages.