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Bruce Dickinson

Alongside his larger-than-life persona as lead singer for Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson holds a myriad of experience in business, entrepreneurialism, mentoring and creative thinking. All of which make him unique in his ever-expanding professional fields, and in great demand to share the secrets of his proficiency, insight and knowledge.

As a qualified pilot and commercial airline captain, Bruce set up his own aircraft business to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft as well as pilot training.

He has also invested in sustainable transportation projects which include an eco-friendly helium airship capable of transporting cargo or people and an edible drone which can carry humanitarian aid into hard to access disaster areas.

His other achievements include: an award-winning beer brewer, film scriptwriter, international fencer, TV presenter & sports commentator, and Sunday Times #1 best-selling author of his memoir ‘What Does This Button Do?”

Drawing on his wealth of experience for inspiration, Bruce’s world class keynotes explain how the challenges of operating in the seemingly disparate realms of rock music and commercial aviation mirror those of everyday business worlds.

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