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Creating Team Values with Double R Racing - How Ignition Human Performance fed the Teamwork Lessons from Formula 1 into the Lower Formulas to build a High-Performance Team


Double R Racing were formed in 2004 by 2007 F1 World Champion - Kimi Raikkonen, his Manager Steve Robertson and Anthony "Boyo" Hieatt.

Based on the same estate as the old Mclaren F1 factory in Woking, England - the team have had many famous names drive their cars on route to Formula 1 such as ex Williams F1 driver Bruno Senna and current Mercedes F1 Driver Valtteri Bottas - as well as current W Series Champion Jamie Chadwick.

Over the years, the team has achieved multiple successes in a number of lower formula series and currently race British F4, F3 and Euro Formula.

Ignition enjoy a good relationship with Double R as we sponsor their driver Louis Foster who finished 3rd in the British F4 Championship in their car last season, winning 6 races along the way and is now racing in British F3 also with Double R.

The relationship however, goes far deeper than a sticker on Louis’ race helmet and in preparation for the 2020 Season, the 2019 F4 Team Champions wanted to build a plan for continued success over the next few seasons.

Of course we were more than happy to help!

To start this process we paid a visit to Double R HQ in Woking, on a wet Friday morning in October 2019 and got the team together in a room away from the workshop, to run a session on Determining the Stages and Characteristics of a High-Performance Team.

Further to this, we would then get Double R to develop their own set of Team Values to work with in the 2020.

Further to our session Double R Racing has enjoyed more success in 2020. Here team owner Anthony "Boyo" Hieatt congratulates driver Louis Foster on winning at Donington Park in British F3 (Photo: Jakob Ebrey Photography)

Determining the Stages and Characteristics of a High-Performance Team

In order to become a high-performance team, first you must really understand what the key characteristics of one are!

By splitting the team into 2 groups and we asked them to think of an example of team within Sport or Business, that they consider High-Performance and the key characteristics that make that team the top of their game.

Here is a brief summary of what they came up with:

Group 1:

Team - Mercedes AMG F1

Some Key Characteristics listed:

Pride in Team, Common Goal, Self-Critical, Innovative, Respect, Invest in its people.

Group 2:

Team – Liverpool FC

Some Key Characteristics listed:

Strong leadership, Talent/Skill, Resilience, Respect, Good Business in Transfers, Winning.  

The team write out what they consider the Key Characteristics of a winning team (Photo taken Oct 2019)

Setting out Double R Racing Team Values

From determining the characteristics and values from High Performance Teams such as Mercedes AMG F1 and Liverpool FC, how can we now use these to support Double R Racing?

Good question!

We posed 3 questions to the team as to how they wanted to work together as the Double R Racing.

The team came up with a multitude of good answers with the consistent theme which always essentially came back to “Winning”.

It was then over to them to identify their own characteristics to start to form their own Team Values.

Ignition backed driver Louis Foster celebrates a double pole position in his first race weekend for Double R Racing in British F3

The Results

The #WeRDoubleR Team Values now sit proudly in Double R Racing HQ in Woking for everyone to see as they work on the cars. They are not just for show, these Team Values will lay down the future of how the team work together. By having each team member being part of the process of creating these values, it is truly their piece of work which they have agreed to have full buy in and work towards when at the track or back at HQ.

Does this mean now they have done this they are guaranteed instant success, of course not - but it’s a great place to start by having a solid foundation and ability to set their own the standards of how to work as a team and we will continue to work with the team throughout the 2020 season to make sure staying true to them!

“Working with Ignition has helped bring the team together at the end of the season as we analysis the 2019 season and prepare for 2020” Double R Team Co-ordinator Megan Hall.

As for the results on track? Well despite a delayed start to the season due to COVID 19, Double R Racing have already tasted success with a win at Donington Park and silverware at each race weekend for driver Louis Foster in British F3.

Thank you to Megan Hall and Double R Racing for hosting us.

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