Keep on-track by focusing on your Well-Being and Mental Health, Melissa Gale joins Ignition's Partner Network and special event with Esmee Hawkey announced

September 9, 2021

More than ever Mental Health has become an important topic for all businesses - big and small - to understand when it comes to employee well-being and it’s no different in Formula One, as Lando Norris described last year when talking to charity MIND.

"Despite making it to F1 - something I had dreamt of ever since I began racing -- I found myself questioning my own self-belief: worrying if I had what it took, comparing myself with my teammate and other drivers.” The British racing driver explained, "You make one or two mistakes and you can get slaughtered in the press or on social media and things can suddenly go very wrong for you. That's been evident in the past few years, with different drivers that very quickly things can look bad, and if that starts to have a bad effect on you and the way you think, you start thinking you can't perform at the top level, and that's a big spiral that's very hard to get out of. I think a lot of people don't realise the difficulties of it.

"All of these things you don't tend to think about do have a big effect. It's the same as the top level of football or the athletics, or anything like that. Every small thing can add up and make a big difference in your performance."

The world is full of distractions on and off track such as social media, so let's talk about it. Ignition Brand Champion Esmee Hawkey will join us via E-Ignition for a very special event. Please see details and how to sign up below

This is why Ignition Human Performance is proud to confirm that Melissa Gale along with and her "Seewithin" website has joined its prestigious partner network as she looks to work with a wide range of people both personally and within business as, according to, an estimated 1 in 6 adults experiences a common mental health problem, such as anxiety or depression and 1 in 5 adults having considered taking their own life at some point.

Melissa has a Mission – to make a positive difference in the world of Mental Health & Wellbeing helping to raise awareness, educate, reduce stigma and minimise the impact of potential ill health

• Working with Organisations, Schools and individuals providing:

• Delivering Certified Adult – Mental Health First Aid Courses

• Delivering Certified Youth – Mental Health First Aid Courses (to those that teach, work, live with and care for those aged 8-18)

• Workshops (let’s talk Wellbeing, let’s talk openly about Mental Health)

• One to one counselling support (for adults)

Melissa explains more in this video below:

Ignition Founder Nick Butcher explains more:

“This is an important topic that I know Ignition have needed a voice in for a long time. However, it had to be the right voice! Having known Melissa for a while now, to have her now in the partner network to work with our clients to help educate their employees how we and they can tackle this growing issue is such a huge asset for us.”

Nick continues:

“Part of this partnership will be education across our platforms as well as free to attend courses and open discussions.”  

Melissa has a simple approach when it comes to Mental Health & Wellbeing, incorporating the following Core Values of Passion, Compassion, Empathic, Confidentiality, Respectfulness and being Adaptable.

The Vision is to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible - in the hope of making the world a healthier, happier and kinder place to be within.

Like with Ignition’s other partners, Melissa’s services will be integrated into how Ignition can support its clients, expanding our knowledge and performance. Depending on the service you seek, be it Training, Facilitating Groups, Counselling or Career Coaching/Mentoring.

Melissa is equally excited about the partnership:

“This is a truly wonderful opportunity to work with Ignition, providing a platform to connect, discuss, train and talk openly, respectfully, and supportively about Mental Health & Wellbeing"

Back in 2020 Ignition founder Nick joined Melissa for a chat about how adapting an F1 mindset can help with dealing with the unknown on her fantastic Seewithin Podcast, which can be listened to here!

We are also pleased that joining this important conversation is DTM Driver and Ignition Brand Champion Esmee Hawkey and our Sustainability partner Niesslein Sustainability Partners for a very special virtual conversation via E-Ignition on 12th October 2021 at 2pm BST, to discuss key issues on and off track such mental health and well-being as well as sustainability and climate change within the sport.

Join us on 12th October 2021 on E-Ignition, to sign up in the link below for your FREE ticket

Click here to sign up for you free ticket!

Nick Butcher

Managing Director of Ignition Human Performance
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Nick Butcher

Managing Director of Ignition Human Performance
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