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Ongoing HR Support

We work with a range of clients to provide ongoing CIPD qualified HR Support and Guidance when you require it.

As your organisation grows the need for a Qualified HR Professional within the business becomes more important. Your developing team will start to demand more of your time, as you evolve from the role of Entrepreneur to Business Leader.

However, with budgets being understandably tight as you make this evolution, employing a full time and qualified HR professional can be expensive and not represent the best Return on Investment. According to (July 2018), the average HR Professional costs £40,090 per annum - this figure also excludes employment charges, such as National Insurance and Pension Contributions.

This is where HR Strategy Pro can help by providing a fully CIPD qualified and experienced Senior HR Professional when it suits you, with our prices starting from just £350 (ex VAT) per month.

We have a number of membership options to suit your business size and needs. Each membership has a range of benefits included. We also have our Platinum Membership which we offer a limited number of clients the opportunity to access our exclusive HR Strategy Pro Partner Network through meetings and events. This is more than just a client relationship, this is a true business partnership. The Partners support each other, which offers your organisation opportunities to grow in more areas than just your people management.

A Qualified HR Professional can help you with the following:

HR Strategy Pro is also linked to a number of hand picked partners who can help your business develop and grow.

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We offer a range of HR Consultancy services, both long term and project based, to help shape and develop effective People Strategies and Results.