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HR Change Management Projects

We work with businesses to capitalise on change and be proactive when looking towards the future.

As your business changes or grows, we will support you by:

- Evaluate the job roles within your business and create an appropriate structure to strengthen performance

- From Job Role Review, evaluate the various tasks that are completed across the business (in other words, who does what and why?).

- Review and carry out Succession Planning and potential Career Development.

- Help to establish the appropriate Leadership Culture.

By focusing on your HR Change Management Strategies, benefits will include:

- Puts your business in a better position to be ready for change.

- Builds clarity to why change is necessary and what it will achieve.

- Develops a better understanding of the kind of change required, understanding that different types of change requires different approaches.

- Builds commitment within the business to accept the change required and how they will be implemented.

- Delivers change that results in real improvements.

Cost and Project Timetable:

The cost for this service is based on a day rate per consultant and number of days is dependent on project needs, business size and location (Number of days and consultants needed is agreed before work takes place).

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