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Health & Well-being

Gemma Fisher

Leading the team at Formula Health, Gemma uses her international experience in elite Human Performance to deliver 1st class treatment interventions.

As the first Human Performance Consultant Osteopath within Formula One, Gemma has been at the forefront of elite level health & fitness for the past 10 years. Working with the drivers and crews across various race series including endurance racing with Aston Martin, Formula E and primarily Formula 1, Gemma has raised the bar on delivering performance driven results using a holistic and comprehensive approach to team health and fitness. Notably, her role in pitstop analysis resulting in the World Record in 2016 for the fastest ever pitstop in F1 at 1.92seconds.

Combining her experience within the pinnacle of motorsport engineering, Gemma has also lead a number of projects taking F1 technology out into the medical industry. She is passionate about using the knowledge gained from this high pressure environment to improve performance outcomes in the healthcare sector. The Formula Health clinic provides a centre for everyone to have access to elite level health analysis and treatment interventions in a beautiful Berkshire setting. Believing that education plays a huge role in improving health, the clinic also provide regular community workshops and collaborates with other local healthcare professionals.

Gemma’s unique presence within Formula One continues as she currently consults for a team based in Switzerland, working with their drivers, engineers and pitcrew on the vast subject of ‘Human Performance’.

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