Matching People and Passions, TBC Recruiting join Ignition’s Partner Network to help build High-Performance Teams

September 28, 2021

Ignition Human Performance is proud to confirm that TBC Recruiting, has joined its prestigious partner network.

Started by Mark Swash, TBC Recruiting is driven by a unique data driven method of matching not just the right person for the role, but the right person for the business and wider organisational needs, TBC specialises in recruitment for the Automotive, Logistics and Supply Chain industries.

TBC stands for “To be continued” and the next chapter in developing new careers and relationships in business. They focus on eliminating guess work and bias in the recruiting process and allow science to compliment and confirm your intuition using scientifically proven selection and screening methods.

Growth and development are key to what TBC stand for and they encourage clients to look beyond the CV by offering insight into the candidates behavioural characteristics and their fit not just for the role but also for the wider business and organisational needs. TBC offer a percentage of their fees back to the client to assist with any training and development needs agreed for the candidate and their new journey.

Like we learn from our #IgnitionGoRacing partnership with Esmee Hawkey and her team T3 Motorsport in DTM, understanding people's strengths and weaknesses is vital to building a High-Performance Team in Business (Photo Credit: T3 Motorsport)

“Our aim at Ignition Human Performance is to help our clients build high-performance teams and recruiting the right people is vital to that process.” explains Ignition Founder Nick Butcher.

“However, as we all know the recruitment industry is flooded with different providers and offerings, so when I started thinking about a suitable recruitment partner, I knew they had to share our ethos as well as support the values and detail we put into building high-performance teams for our clients. Being from a Motorsport background, we also had to have an element of data analytics to provide a fair and unbiased process! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Mark so when he explained how the TBC process matched people with their passions to help land their dream career, I knew we were talking to the right people!”

Like with Ignition’s other partners, TBC’s services will be integrated into how Ignition can support its clients, expanding our knowledge and performance.

Mark Swash, founder of TBC Recruiting is equally excited on how the two companies will work together “Recruitment is an industry that needs to be given a new lease of life and a new found commitment for excellence on all fronts.

Instilling the confidence back into clients and candidates is our key focus, practicing what you preach is not just for short term gains, consistency in excellence for both candidates and clients is our paramount focus and that excellence in performance is echoed by Ignition Human Performance and what they stand for."

To celebrate the partnership, TBC is offering a free, no obligation recruitment review to all businesses associated with Ignition. Click here to find out more by visiting the TBC website and clicking "Contact".

Nick Butcher

Managing Director of Ignition Human Performance
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Nick Butcher

Managing Director of Ignition Human Performance
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