James Dornor joins Ignition's Motorsport Speakers roster

October 19, 2023

Ignition Human Performance is delighted to announce that James Dornor, an engineer with extensive experience in Formula One, has joined their esteemed roster of motorsport speakers. James's impressive background with top Formula One teams, combined with his commitment to diversity and inclusion through his co-founding of the Driven By Us initiative, will add significant value to Ignition Human Performance's offerings.

James Dornor's career spans several prestigious Formula One teams, including the Mercedes, McLaren and Haas. His role as an engineer has seen him contribute to the success of these renowned teams. James's technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and deep understanding of the intricacies of Formula One racing make him a valuable addition to Ignition Human Performance's "Motorsport Speakers" roster.

Beyond his engineering career, James has recently co-founded Driven By Us, an initiative dedicated to representing and supporting underrepresented groups, such as ethnic minorities and women of color, in the automotive, motorsport, and Formula One industries. Driven By Us seeks to create a more inclusive and diverse environment by promoting equal opportunities and fostering a sense of belonging for individuals from all backgrounds. He also featured in “The Hamilton Commission Report” & interactive smart video as well as speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live about the state of diversity in F1 in 2021

James' career has seen him work drivers, such as Sir Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris

By joining Ignition Human Performance's Motorsport Speakers Roster, James will share his expertise, experiences, and insights from both his Formula One career and his work with Driven By Us. Audiences will benefit from his in-depth knowledge of engineering and the motorsport industry, as well as his dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion. James's contributions will undoubtedly inspire positive change and encourage meaningful dialogue within the motorsport community and businesses from across industries.

Ignition Human Performance is a leading provider of motorsport speakers and experts, committed to delivering exceptional experiences and learning to audiences worldwide. Their roster features a diverse lineup of accomplished individuals who have excelled in various aspects of the industry, including drivers, engineers, strategists, and more. By welcoming James Dornor, Ignition Human Performance strengthens its commitment to showcasing diverse voices and promoting a culture of inclusivity within the motorsport world.

Expressing his excitement about joining Ignition Human Performance, James Dornor said:

"I am really pleased be part of Ignition's esteemed Motorsport Speakers Roster. It is a fantastic opportunity to share my passion for motorsports, engineering expertise, and the important work we are doing through Driven By Us. Together, we can drive positive change and create a more diverse and inclusive industry for everyone."

Ignition Human Performance's Managing Director, Nick Butcher commented:

"We are thrilled to welcome James Dornor to our roster of esteemed motorsport speakers. James's extensive experience as an engineer in Formula One, combined with his dedication to diversity and inclusion through Driven By Us, aligns perfectly with our mission. We believe his contributions will resonate with audiences and inspire positive change within the motorsport industry."

Ignition Human Performance is excited to offer the availability of James Dornor for speaking engagements, interviews, and appearances to corporate clients, event planners, and motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. To book James, please contact nick butcher@ignitionperform.com

For James's full profile or for more information about Ignition Human Performance and their lineup of motorsport speakers, please visit www.ignitionperformance.com or www.motorsportspeakers.com

Nick Butcher

Nick has been an HR & Leadership Professional for nearly 15 years and has held senior HR positions within both Corporate Multinational and SME Companies.
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Nick Butcher

Nick has been an HR & Leadership Professional for nearly 15 years and has held senior HR positions within both Corporate Multinational and SME Companies.
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